A tranquil hideaway

Away from all the hustle and bustle the two room Mandarine cottage can be your perfect summer vacation home , a winter vacation home or your home away from home. Filled with all practical amenities, it will also have a lovely outdoor seating area for the wonderfully light (and more often than you would think!) warm evenings. The cottage will have an on site parking area and a private windy balcony/veranda. Rooms will have an in-room tea/coffee maker, oven, a fridge and a cooler. Bathrooms will have a washing machine with all the modern essentials. For indoor entertainment the cottage will have WI-FI facilities, 50 inch Television set with pre installed Netflix, Amazon prime and karaoke facilities. The cottage will have a mini library too, besides board games. For outdoor activities we have trampoline exclusively for the cottage, two high end bicycles parked for guests, for short hikes the cottage can arrange for a local guide though guest would need to inform a bit earlier for the same.
Besides there is always the facility for swimming both for adults and children. Guests can always practice farming in your garden the equipment’s for which are available in the retreat. The vegetables which guests harvest can always be sold at the retreat. The cottage will open for bookings officially from the month of December 2023 the fruiting season of Mandarine oranges. The cottage is embraced by Mandarines everywhere along with other fruit trees/vegetables.

"Rustic elegance: A medieval experience awaits"

Made entirely out of chipped stones and pine wood inside, the one room stone cottage with an attic is a rustic retreat with all the modern amenities inside. The cottage has its own veranda, its private garden, private parking space, private bathroom, a mini library and others. It also comes equipped with two high end bicycles, swimming membership ticket and the luxury ticket to experience harvesting fruits from the orchard. For guest hikers who are either interested on short hikes to long hikes covering areas such as Lingdem hot spring to areas in Upper Dzongu we can arrange for a local guide (extra tour guide charges though).The long sa lee cottage a cousin of The Mandarine Retreat will be open for bookings from 2024 on Airbnb and other booking platforms. Long sa lee in Lepcha language means “A stone cottage”.


The Retreat's Ground

We will soon introduce a football tournament yearly. The retreat’s football ground will either be a five or a seven sided. What makes the retreat’s ground special is that it has a swimming pool and an on-site restaurant at an arm’s distance. It surely will be a perfect retreat during summers. Please do join us on this new venture. The Mandarine Chalum festival (an organic retreat) Besides football tournament and other recreational activities we will as a team too organize an organic festival every year. Celebrating the fruiting of our local Mandarine oranges the festival will be held in the month of January. The festival will also for our brothers and sisters create an opportunity to showcase and sell their goods/products. Three stalls as we had promised during Gram Sabha held on 02/10/2022 will be free for SHG (Self help group) from Lum Gor Sangtok GPU during the festival. For musical events we will invite new upcoming artists every evening during the festival period. The ground will be available for bookings too for entrepreneurs who are interested in organizing events.

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