“I wish to do something Great and Wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were Great and Wonderful.” -Albert Einstein

Free full day free inivitation tour for students from lum gor sangtok gpu lower dzongu


To quote from our social media pages
Nukung sa blessings
Our Dad and Mom sa hard-work, ideas, inspirations, their humble nature .
My aunt Mrs Tseten Lhamu Lepcha H.M Gor School sa constructive suggestions.
Our well wishers.
My team.
As visioned, it was an experience and what an experience it was today i.e. 08/09/2022, We started inviting schools for a full day program starting with Gor Secondary School, it started with us introducing ourselves and then explaining the day’s programme followed by tea and snacks. After tea/snacks our team guided the children to their respective locker rooms. The children then were guided to play swimming ( 60% of the students knew how to swim well) . After when the children had finished playing they were given a healthy lunch. The days activity concluded with smiles on every students face. On our second tour we invited students from Lum- Lingtyang primary school and Feedang primary school we followed the same routine as above. The students from Lum Lingtyang school performed us with a beautifully choreographed cultural program too. On our third tour we invited Sangtok and Taryang school following the same routine again. Students together danced along to some beautiful songs in the deck area. On June 2023 we again invited senior students from Gor secondary school through which we finally covered all the schools from our GPU Lum Gor Sangtok. We would like to mention here that Mrs Tseten Lhamu Lepcha (H.M Gor Secondary school) played a huge role in making this program successful. Someday we hope to invite the remaining schools from Dzongu, till then we work hard.


Dzongu Pass Permit Outpost in Feedang


In order to get a permit for Dzongu one had to travel to Mangan, but now due to decentralization of permit system for Dzongu (one in Feedang outpost the other in Sangkalang thanks to the efforts made by the officials and elected representative’s of people) , it had now become convenient. The only problem was an office. In the earlier trials tourists travelled to the official’s house from where in he made permits (quite a hassle). This practiced on for a few weeks until we decided keeping in mind the good for the whole of Dzongu to build one outpost structure financed solely by The Mandarine Retreat. It took us nearly a month to finish and finally with the blessings from everyone we officially opened the pass permit window in Feedang village Lower Dzongu. We hope it will be of help to many in the future.

The Mandarine Retreat encourages guest’s in planting a tree sapling when here. Trees make the environment cleaner and provide us with oxygen. They’re essential for life to flourish. This is a new unique concept practiced practically by The Mandarine retreat.

Mr Uttam Kumar Pal and Mrs Chandrima Pal
Mr Akash Kumar Pal
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